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Who Am I?

Welcome on my personal website. Let me introduce myself. Who Am I? To be fair, I'm not sure. I have been told that I AM a man since my childhood. Is that possible? Do I feel it the same way? I feel great when I dress in skirts, high heels. It is not very typical for men, right? OK, so I am probably just a young woman imprisoned in male's body. And believe me - it is not right.

Did I say I'm going to introduce myself? Ok, my girl's name is Kathy. I thought about my surname many times and I did not find anything. I used to use Kathy_LTX nickname on ICQ and in several forums as well, so I used it to create my surname. Eltex, because it is similar to eL-Ti:-eX pronunciation. Welcome on the website of Kathy Eltex again. :)

I'm between 25 and 30 years old. I live in Czech Republic and I really love my country. What I don't like that much is the people. Czech people are soo illiberal and that is probably a reason why I'm afraid to tell anyone about my "deviation" (I hate this word, I don't feel so, what about you?). In the same reason I will never appear en femme in public places. I have got a lot of friends, good job and I'm not going to lose anything. My first experience with crossdressing is dated to time I was 13 or 14. My mother brought a night gown of my she-cousin to repair shoulder-strap. I was at home because of illness and my parents were at work, my older sister was at school. I was so bored and I wanted to do something. I don't know why, but when I touched the glossy material of the gown... I wear it, of course. It was getting me really hot, you know. I spent the whole day in this gown and it was fantastic and - confusing my mind. What was wrong? The next day was the same. The next year still. When I was twenty, I bought my first lingerie, pantyhose, skirt and girlish sweater. And now? There is more girl's clothing then male's in my wardrobe. :)

I wear girl's clothes in public, too. Of course I cannot wear skirts on regular base, but I really like low-rise pants, underwear etc.. Below you can see my THE most favourite jeans. BTW: If you wanna contact me, send me an e-mail to Enjoy my website. ;)

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